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Recovery Illustrated digital edition September 2017

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A good layman’s definition of trauma is any past event or events that were emotionally overwhelming.
Welcome to the world of sexuality. As a child develops into adolescence, hormones flow and changes begin to occur.
TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and it’s the latest thing for treating Major Depressive Disorder and is taking the mental health world by storm.
For baby boomers, the music of the bygone era stirs up memories of sock hops and Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.
Christopher M. Finan, author of Drunks: An American History, interviewed by Andrew T. Martin.
A definition of bhakti yoga: “to adore or worship God,” “love for love’s sake,” and “union through love and devotion.
Surrender is the only way onward and upward, and each of us comes to this realization in whatever way we do.
A blatantly offensive, disgusting, absurd, and demeaning portrayal of successful, college educated women of color.
Ayahuasca is well known in Latin America as an ancient and powerful plant medicine used for spiritual cleansing.
An expert in her field, Petrabilities claims that new Hepatitis C treatments are costing patients their lives.
Mauvis Miller hears questions and delivers answers about nourishing your mind and your body.
The world and everything on it is either growing or decaying … so why do we fear change so much?
One of the big lessons I learned was to think small, to see the details that could tell you the point of the story.