About Karen VanDenBerg

Karen VanDenBerg

The most recent leg of this earthly journey began in 2012 (in Connecticut). I lost my job of 31 years in February, had my knees replaced in March, went to yet ANOTHER detox in April, took a road trip from Connecticut to my home state of California in June, and landed in a 90 day treatment program in August—in Colton, California.

While 2012 was a transformative year, I first walked into the rooms as an overeater in 1993. I walked out in 1994. Psychotherapy helped a lot in the 90’s, and yet I found myself back in the rooms as an alcoholic in 2004 (after my 400 pound self underwent weight-loss surgery). Still unwilling to admit defeat, that leg of the journey only lasted 9 months. Between 2005 and 2012 I researched rehabs, bars, detoxes, liquor stores, and emergency rooms extensively. For me, the winning ticket has been acceptance.

I’m also the mom of an addict/alcoholic who was homeless for nearly a year before finding the willingness to reach out for a power greater than himself. I know first-hand how heart wrenching it is to watch a loved one struggle. It’s comforting to know that every person on the planet is connected to a Higher Power—and I’m not IT. Phew!

The “transferable skills” I acquired in the corporate world include computer proficiency, project management, communication skills, win-win negotiation skills and a solid work ethic (not to mention proficiency in manipulation, sneakiness, and fake-it-til-you-make-it self-promotion). I learned how to learn fast and ask the right questions. Outside of work I was a single mom of two, cub-scout mom, girl-scout mom and company party planner and sometimes company party “crasher.”

At 56 years young, this is my outlook on life… flexible, good-hearted, a little gullible, and still emerging into whatever I’m supposed to be!