Dear Petra September 2017

Dear Petra

An expert in her field, and specializing in addictions, Petra is here to answer all your questions and concerns. Please send in your questions anonymously via the contact forms found on and Before you decide to take treatment options, please make sure to watch our PocketLive Broadcast’s PAST THREE SATURDAY shows!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO!

Disclaimer: Much of the information I am about to share is sourced from the following website:

Because there are so many ongoing controversies and claims, this month’s column will focus solely on Hepatitis C. We will reconvene with the combined Hep C and Addictions advice in the next issue.

Diagnosed and Turned Down?!
New York, New York

Dear Petra: It has been a journey since my initial diagnosis, but not in a million years did I anticipate running into this wall. How can I possibly be turned down for Hep C treatment? I am lost and confused.

Dear Lost and Confused: It is with great sadness that I must share the ugly truth (and believe me, there is more, so make sure to read on) Most insurance companies have been setting restrictions on Hepatitis C patients who are approved for Harvoni treatment. Patients allege their treatment claims have been denied because it is not “medically necessary.”

According to documents filed in one of many lawsuits, the plaintiff was denied Harvoni treatment on the grounds that her liver was not damaged enough to warrant treatment. In other words, the plaintiff’ liver had to have significant enough damage to warrant treatment, even though the treatment is designed to prevent liver damage and despite the plaintiff’s doctor writing repeated letters on her behalf! Among many other alleged violations and concerns is that lawsuits filed in California also allege insurers deny treatment to increase profits, a violation of California law. Please continue reading, as it pertains to you!

Is Sovaldi/Harvoni Really a Cure?
Cambridge, Alberta

Dear Petra: I have heard a lot of controversy on private sites claiming Sovaldi/Harvoni treatments may not actually “CURE” the virus. What say you?

Dear Questioning: I looked again for the articles talking about this and, not surprising, they have since been pulled off the internet!? In my wee opinion, that ALWAYS means we are onto something and only adds heat under my butt! Grrr! There were a few news sources, though, that stated although it appears the virus no longer shows up in the bloodstream, it may still be wreaking havoc on the bodies organs. In other words, it seems to indicate some people are indeed getting sicker post treatment. Please read on ….

People DYING … WTF????
Los Angeles, California

Dear Petra: I have the same story as the 1000’s of others I have seen since Sovaldi/Harvoni came out in 2014. My brother had the Hep C virus, but it was being maintained. Then, he took the Harvoni treatment in June 2016. In July 2016 he was diagnosed with Liver Cancer, treated with the chemo embolization’s and it became more aggressive. He has now been told by his doctors there is nothing else they can do, but “get your affairs in order.” There must be something we can do to stop another family from losing a loved one to this horrible disease and subsequent new
treatment choices.

Dear Loving Sister: Hundreds if not thousands of these reports have just recently come to my awareness. I am so sorry for your plight. As I have pored over these reports, and been brought to my knees in uncontrollable tears, heart wrenching sobs deep within my soul, I could not help but think (over and over, like a recording) that if all these people are coming forward and putting into writing how their mother died, their son died, their wife became sicker and sicker, or how they themselves are suffering in the last weeks or even days of their lives, then how many more are there??? Not a lot of people take the time to write these claims, especially if it is not they themselves.

I have done so , and relied on colleagues’ research, and discovered that perhaps the new Hepatitis C treatments are costing clients their lives, or making them sicker than before treatment. In many cases aggressive cancers are being reported within 2-3 days of starting the treatment (just one example).

At this point, I am the only one in “the industry” that I am aware of who has brought this into the light of day and into the public awareness through my channel and my charity. A special colleague did recently come on the show and explain what he knows and believes. What is sad is that people believe their hands are tied and they do not want to “get them dirty” by speaking
out. It is my job as a charity CEO to bring everything into the light of day, and to stand by the pledge that our primary mission is to “raise Global education and awareness.” I have nothing to lose and am not one to keep my big mouth shut. I will continue to tell the truth ….

The unfortunate bit of news here is that the platform is no longer funded, so we are totally open to receiving donations in order to continue bringing our opinion and insights (based on our own research) into the public eye. If you or anyone you know is thinking to go on treatment, we advise they do their due diligence and research prior to making that decision. Have your DNA markers checked for cancer or heart disease as well as other issues in your family tree.

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