Girl’s Trip – Movie Review

Girls Trip Movie Review

A Sure Fire Hit—as in fit for the fire and someone should hit the screenwriter for crafting a blatantly offensive, disgusting, absurd and demeaning portrayal of successful, college educated
women of color who manifest all the class, wit and wisdom of the Trailer Boys in a pie-eating contest with the crew from Jackass.

The cast is excellent, and the film is technically impressive, but each and every black female character is an idiot—but not idiots such as the boys in Dumb and Dumber. We are not supposed to take those boys seriously, but in this mash-up of crude sex humor, urine humor, ( yes, women urinate all over a crowd of spectators) and plot holes big enough for Sully to fly a plane through, we are supposed to empathize with these alcohol and Absinthelaced women who suffer no consequences for their reprehensible, behavior.

We see them drink and drink and drink and drink but never do they call Ralph on the big white phone, throw up on their shoes, or lose any of their magically appearing wigs. The “morning after” hangovers are portrayed as nothing that can’t be cured by the application of makeup and a cup of coffee.

There is a hidden metaphor, perhaps unintentional, for the contradictory nature of the film: Absinthe , a long-illegal and allegedly brain damaging blend of alcohol and thujone, a psychoactive stimulant, is over consumed by our female protagonists at an important media event.

In the words of the world’s #1 Absinthe supplier, “The power and attraction of Absinthe lies in its inherent contradictions. Though fortified with a formidable measure of alcohol, a depressant, it is also infused with powerful herbal stimulants, creating a psychic tug of war in the mind of the imbiber” [Same with this film] Foremost of the stimulants is thujone, the psychoactive chemical at the heart of the herb wormwood, which, along with anisette, gives Absinthe its bitter, black liquorish taste. Some Blacks are already bitter over the lack of taste in this film. The main character in the film (spoiler alert) decides to be true to herself rather than portray herself differently and sell out for the sake of money alone. The lead actresses in the film, of course have done exactly the opposite … and despite any protestations to the contrary, an abundance of penis jokes and references to male/female sex plus one male romantic interest who is an abundance of feminine qualities, Girl’s Trip has more lesbian cues than John Sayles’ Lianna (1983)

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