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Everyone seems to be rushed these days, people eating fast while they drive and also at their desk. Its no wonder our digestion is always upset.

Why is it important to eat slowly?

Well, the first thing you must know is that whenever we are rushed our, bodies go into stress mode a.k.a: Fight or Flight. The first thing that happens when we are stressed out is that our digestive system shuts down. Why? Our body needs to put all its energy and attention on our extremities to be able to act on “fight or flight,” so it’s not worried about digestion food at this critical moment. Eating fast, does just that, puts us in fight or flight mode.

Eating in a relaxed (un-hurried) mode helps with our digestion. It begins in the brain by using our senses. For instance, when you are hungry, you see the food you want to eat, you enjoy the smell of your meal and you also may notice that you start to salivate. This natural process helps create the enzymes needed to break down the food we eat, and help the digestive system. This stage is known as the cephalic phase.

Eat your meal like a feast, savoring every morsel that passes your lips. Chew slowly to taste all the flavors and spices, making your meal time last at least thirty minutes. Your stomach will work at its optimum, digesting your food. You will feel satiated and full.

If you happen to be eating junk food, you may not develop a tummy ache, but you will definitely be able to taste what this “food” is truly made from, and you might not want to eat it again. Most employers allow at least a thirtyminute lunch break, so if you take good advantage of that time to enjoy your meal fully and wholeheartedly, you just might start a new good habit.

A great breakfast will provide enough energy to keep you going until your next meal (lunch). Some options to keep a body going without the sluggish or sugar high are easy and inexpensive. A bowl of warm oatmeal with fresh blueberries (no sugar or dairy added) are packed with time-released carbs that will give you a normal balance of energy for at least four hours. Another option is a cool handful of celery stalks smeared with almond butter and topped with a small handful of raisins/craisins (a.k.a: ants on a log). These simple snacks are easy to make and provide energy to the body. Try apples if celery is not your thing.

Cupping: what is it and what does it do?

Cupping is an ancient eastern tradition which is thought to help create a more positive flow of Chi or Prana or, as we know it, energy. Sometimes, when we get a stagnant feeling in your body, as if we have no energy, we tend to feel sluggish or stale. Cupping can help release this feeling by placing heated cups on the meridians (a set of pathways where your energy flows) of your body. Placing a cup on this pathway helps pulls the energy up to the surface of the skin releasing the stagnation to create less resistant flow putting your body into a more hemostasis feeling.

The general idea is to always treat your body like a temple; worship it, feed it, take good care of it. Consider the effects that everything you do will have on your body when you are moving through your day. After all, it’s the only one you have.

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