Retro Rockin’ & Boppin’

Retro Rockin' and Boppin'

Did we catch you humming a retro rock n’ roll tune like, “Blueberry Hill,” or “Blue Suede Shoes,” that you heard emanating from Romano’s Restaurant in downtown Riverside? Ain’t that a shame your dream lover, Runaround Sue, has gotta whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on with the wanderer, Johnny B. Goode, strolling at the hop?

For baby boomers, the music of the bygone era stirs up memories of sock hops and Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Phil Terriere, the white-haired, mustachioed musician, dons rolled up jeans and a vintage, rockabilly shirt as he easily pulls off an Elvis Presley rendition, or tickles the piano keys like Jerry Lee Lewis.\

The notable musician’s voice melodiously pays homage to timeless, classic rock lyrics familiar to both young and old. Terriere’s music puts the ‘snap’ back into snappy, the ‘shake’ back into shakin’ and the ‘twist’ back into twistin’. Chances are you’ve seen and heard Terriere, 64, strumming his red, electric guitar, or playing the piano at a community gig like the summer season past at the Riverside Art Walk.

“I have so much fun meeting people in the community by sharing music. When I was a youngster, I saw the Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was hooked. I played my first gig when I was 13, and I haven’t stopped, since,” said Terriere.

Born in Upland, California, Terriere met his late wife, Linda, at a beer-drinking contest. The young couple moved to Menifee in 1980. Together, while happily and continuously working a twelve-step recovery program, they raised young daughter, Lynette, who currently lives with her family up the road apiece. One of his three grandchildren, Blake, graduated from high school in June.

“Blake’s heading straight to South Carolina for Army boot camp. He wants to learn aviation (helicopter) electronics. I couldn’t be prouder of my grandson,” said Terriere. “I took a 30-year chip in July. I just retired from the County of Riverside in August after 27 years of service as an HVAC technician. I’ve got my health, my family and many new opportunities, all wrapped up in the gift of sobriety and the fellowship of the program,” he said.

Life is hardly all wrapped up for the consummate handy man, however. Terriere shared that he recently traded a 28-foot fifth wheel for an E-450 RV to better navigate the scenic routes in his new season of retired life.

“It’s time for me to hit the road in style. I can drive the RV most anywhere. The storage space holds my musical equipment,” said Terriere. “My wife and I used to love going to the beach. I usually head toward the California coast. The road and I are both wide open for positive experiences. I know there are fellowships everywhere. I have a sponsor. I’m all about service. I make phone calls on a daily basis just to check in,” he said. “It’s a simple program, for a simple, peaceful, abundant life. I just keep coming back. More importantly, I take life one day at a time. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

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