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Jami DeLoe

About Jami DeLoe

Jami DeLoe hates talking about herself. She’s neurotic, anxious, shy, codependent, depressive, and insecure. In fact, sometimes she’s a little confused as to why anyone likes her or asks to hear her story. In other words, Jami fits right in among most people in recovery.

In the beginning of her journey into recovery, Jami didn’t know that. She first walked into the Twelve-Step rooms in 2010. Looking around at the alcoholics and addicts in those rooms, her first thought was, “Wow, these people have it all together!” The idea that a whole slew of people in those rooms were sober and (moreover) happy must have implied that they had arrived at some place of Zen or idyll that she would never—could never—reach.
But (as the old timers say), Jami did what she was told. And she kept coming back. And somehow, by the grace of God, Jami has seen everything change for the better.
Today, the woman who once hated talking about her struggles and weaknesses is a published writer/blogger whose passion is sharing the miracle that she’s experienced. Beginning with a humble personal diary, Jami has worked hard to understand herself, her Higher Power, and how broken people can become whole.
One of her favorite slogans is “We are only as sick as our secrets.” Hiding from the truth, and hiding the truth from others, only makes us worse, never better. “Acceptance is the answer today.” Or as Jami has tattooed on her wrist, “It is what it is.” Openness, honesty, and acceptance; these are what Jami focuses on. Writing in these pages and elsewhere, carrying the message of hope in the face of addiction, abuse, PTSD, and rejection, Jami has found health and happiness and humility.
Jami lives with her similarly recovering husband, step-son, and three neurotic Chihuahuas in Tucson, Arizona. She writes the Trauma! A PTSD Blog for HealthyPlace at, blogs personally at and can be reached at

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