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Lori Nelson

About Lori Nelson

An international “edu-tainer” aboard cruise ships, Lori Nelson has been a professional speaker, writer, teacher, voice over talent, and stand-up for decades. Currently, Lori lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but secretly seeks her escape to go and live at sea? Sea dreams aside, she randomly writes her way towards wherever whims of fancy.

Personal struggles should be private, but recovery requires public support. Quite the dichotomy. No one is perfect, yet everyone is perfectly gifted with whatever they need to transform and transcend trauma. Lori’s gift is words. Whether writing, or speaking around the world, Lori brings sagacious wit and luminescent brightness to audiences everywhere.

Author of Torture: Broken Foot, Shattered Soul, and the soon to be published Grace Notes, Lori also blogs at and regularly contributes to major publications such as Piedmont Review, Southeastern Antiquing Magazine, and is a staff writer for the Scott Antique Markets.

She collects weird things like dark chocolate, honey, and salt from different countries.

Lori may be a “normie”, but her life has been anything but normal. The dysfunctions and distress, the loss and grief, all essential experiences channeled through her delightfully deep and introspective stories.

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