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We try to make it easy to contribute your work to Recovery Illustrated Magazine. We have a streamlined process to help. But before submitting your talented work, please take a moment to review our Abbreviated Contributor’s Policy to make sure your work is a good fit with Recovery Illustrated.

Abbreviated Contributor’s Policy

Submission Guidelines

  • Unique and Original
  • No Promotional Content
  • Proper American English
  • Appropriate citations
  • Permitted copyright
Expanded Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be unique and original. This means, the submission must not have been published anywhere else (print, digital, etc.) and is not intended to be republished or distributed anywhere else (print, digital, etc.). All content must be unique and the contributor must obtain applicable copyright permissions for any component of the submission that may require copyright clearance. If the author would like to repurpose a previously published work, they must be able to certify that 75% of the work has been modified in order to make the submission unique.

Recovery Illustrated, Inc. will not accept promotional content of any kind unless it is purchased through the advertising department. Submissions must be interesting, informative, and be more beneficial to the readers than to the contributors – the Editorial staff will make this determination. Contributors will be provided a bio at the end of their contribution with contact, credential, and affiliation information and links to appropriate media (such links will be reviewed in the overall appropriateness of the contribution).

All submissions are subject to copy editing for adherence to American English rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and length. Suggestions for changes of the title of submissions are common and will be presented to the contributor for approval.

Articles with the best chance of being published are easy to understand for a very diverse population (guideline: eighth to twelfth grade reading level). Sources of information should be appropriately cited. Recovery Illustrated assumes all contributors have obtained any copyright permissions necessary to publish their submission (including images).

Recovery Illustrated reserves the right to determine the most appropriate issue in which to publish an accepted publication.

Author Biography and Photo

  • All submission include an author biography and headshot photo.
  • Authors contributing three or more articles per calendar year may be featured in the Authors page.
Author Biography and Headshot Photo Details
All submissions must include an author biography formatted in two forms, and an author headshot photo. The short-form biography must be 50 words or less and may contain a link to the author’s website. The long-form biography may be up to 1000 words and may contain a link to the author’s website. The author may also include, as a separate item from the biographies, the URL’s of the author’s social media feeds for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. The author is encouraged to maintain a Gravatar account as will create an automatic link. The author must submit a headshot photo of professional quality and representation. The photo file size should be 500 pixels x 500 pixels at 300 dpi, with a file format of JPEG, GIF or PNG. Recovery Illustrated reserves the right to modify a photo for appropriate formatting and visual appeal. Submission of the author’s photo will confirm the author’s approval of the Recovery Illustrated Publishing Agreement.

Submission Policy

All contributors shall submit their work through the contributor form located here. The purpose of the Publishing Agreement is to protect the Contributor and Recovery Illustrated, Inc. from copyright violations.

Submission of a work does not imply acceptance of the work for publication. If Recovery Illustrated, Inc. Editorial Staff deems the work suitable for publishing, the contributor shall be contacted with an acknowledgement of acceptance for publication.

View the full Publishing Agreement here.

Returning Authors

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