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Share your incredible story of woe, along with your before and after photos… Then share your more incredible story of recovery, strength and hope.

How to Contribute Your Mugshot Story

Review the submission guidelines

Mugshot Issue Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be at least 1000 words, and no longer than 1500 words. There must be before and after photos: the photo file size should be 500 pixels x 500 pixels at 300 dpi, with a file format of JPEG, GIF or PNG. The Mugshot Edition will feature twelve diverse profiles. If your submission is not included in the Mugshot Edition, Recovery Illustrated may publish the profile in another of its publications.

All submissions must be unique and original. This means, the submission must not have been published anywhere else (print, digital, etc.) and is not intended to be republished or distributed anywhere else (print, digital, etc.). All content must be unique and the contributor must obtain applicable copyright permissions for any component of the submission that may require copyright clearance. If the author would like to repurpose a previously published work, they must be able to certify that 75% of the work has been modified in order to make the submission unique.

Recovery Illustrated, Inc. will not accept promotional content of any kind. Submissions must be interesting, informative, and be more beneficial to the readers than to the contributors – the Editorial staff will make this determination. Contributors will be provided a bio at the end of their contribution with contact, credential, and affiliation information and links to appropriate media (such links will be reviewed in the overall appropriateness of the contribution). Promotional space is available in Recovery Illustrated through the sales/marketing team.

All submissions are subject to copy editing for adherence to American English rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and length. Suggestions for changes of the title of submissions are common and will be presented to the contributor for approval. In the case where the contributor is not available to approve suggested changes, Recovery Illustrated reserves the right to modify a title for overall affect and relevancy. Editing of content for length is common and edits will be presented to the contributor for approval. In the case where the contributor is not available to approve suggested changes, Recovery Illustrated reserves the right to modify a work for length, and will make every attempt not to change the intent of the work.

Articles with the best chance of being published are easy to understand for a very diverse population (guideline: eighth to twelfth grade reading level). Sources of information should be appropriately cited. Any images provided must have appropriate permissions of use. Recovery Illustrated assumes all contributors have obtained any copyright permissions necessary to publish their submission (including images).

Recovery Illustrated will make every effort to respond to all submissions but is not obligated to do so unless the submission is accepted for publication. Recovery Illustrated reserves the right to determine the most appropriate issue in which to publish an accepted publication.

Review the submission policy

Mugshot Issue submission Policy

All contributors shall submit their work through the Mugshot contributor form located at the bottom of this page which will confirm the contributor’s approval of the Recovery Illustrated Publishing Agreement. The contributor’s submission shall be reviewed by the Editorial Staff at Recovery Illustrated, Inc. for suitability to publish.

Submission of a work does not imply acceptance of the work for publication. If Recovery Illustrated, Inc. Editorial Staff deems the work suitable for publishing, the contributor shall be contacted with an acknowledgement of acceptance for publication.

If the submission is not received through the contributor form located at the bottom of this page, and the work is deemed suitable for publishing, the Editorial Staff at Recovery Illustrated, Inc. shall contact the contributor and request a Recovery Illustrated Publishing Agreement be completed and returned. The Recovery Illustrated Publishing Agreement must be received prior to publishing any contributor work. The purpose of the Publishing Agreement is to protect the Contributor and Recovery Illustrated, Inc. from copyright violations.

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